Across the Universe (Series Introduction)

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In this series of articles, I share stories of events and traumas through which I have grown and suffered, including loves past and missed and the bullying, sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse of my childhood and teenage years and later; however, I also share how Jesus has given me the promises, hope and strength to survive and grow through these situations. If you have unresolved issues in your life in any these areas, you may want consider whether or not you should proceed with reading these articles at this time.

I have chosen the format of a fictionalized, semi-autobiographical first-person narrative to allow me to change details regarding specific events and situations, including merging and splitting persons, places and specific details, altering the time-line and using different names, as necessary, to protect the identity and preserve the privacy of those involved, especially the guilty. I have no desire to retaliate against or otherwise to harm anyone, having already forgiven all of them in my heart and several of them in person.

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I have experienced both a blessed and troubled life. I have suffered through many abuses from my early childhood through my adult life, including bullying, harassment and torment, as well as sexual, physical, verbal and emotional traumas, at the hands of my peers and adults. I am emotionally damaged, still working to overcome some of the negative and destructive patterns and habits that I developed as self-defense mechanisms in grade school through early high school.

Certain persons in my adult life have of late and are to this day still attempting to continue a pattern of bullying and harassment against me, being among that class of persons who seek out the weaker and emotionally damaged to torture and torment for their own sadistic pleasure. I suffer from several emotional conditions on account of this, including depression, anxiety, social anxiety disorder and extreme mental introversion while craving as an empath close, interpersonal relationships that are a struggle to create and maintain.

Only Jesus’ faithfulness to me and my faith in Him has preserved me through this, including pulling me back from contemplating suicide in my preteen years and from self-harm through my teens. How He has accomplished this has been amazing and I give Him all the glory, honor and praise for it. He rescued me at key points in my life and has given me hope, promises and strength that continue to carry me through my life.

I plan to share stories of both my highs and lows. Stories of pain, sorrows and disappointment, and of joys, happiness and success. Stories of despair, hopelessness and despondency alongside those of purpose, promise and peace. Stories of abuse and rejection, and of unconditional acceptance and kindnesses shown. Stories that reflect both the worst and best of humanity. Finally, I’ll share a story of how God encouraged me with a promise twenty two years ago today and how this promise has and continues to impact and guide me in various relationships over these intervening years.

I hope that you will find this series of articles a blessing and source of encouragement in your own life, especially if you, too, struggle as a trauma survivor or ongoing abuse.

And the reason for the title of this series? All in good time; I will share this, too, in due course. It is one of the central stories of and overarching themes in my life.

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Here is an overview of some of the upcoming series of articles:

  • Introduction (This article)
  • Part 1: Pain
    Yes, “into every life a little rain must fall”, but must it be a “flood”?
  • Part 2: Purpose
    When the world is seemingly crashing down around you with no means of escape or even survival apparent, a Word of hope and ray of Light can come “across the universe” from the most unlikely of sources and at the most unexpected of times, changing your perspective and offering a renewed reason for living.
  • Part 3: Passion
    When all you want is a little satisfaction… or better, when it seems that you’re ever in the position where all you can say is “I can’t get no”….
  • Part 4: Promise
    How “the most ‘miserable’ time of the year” (for me, at least) once turned out to be the beginning of a lifetime of patiently waiting as a wonderful promise comes packaged with a new hope.
  • Part 5: Portents
    “Time heals all wounds”… or does it? When hurt people hurt people, how the strong seek to take advantage of the weak and what happens when we don’t surrender our emotions to Jesus and allow Him to fulfill our every need through relationships based in Him, provided in His time and by His means.
  • Part 6: Peace
    There’s a first for everything. Including the beginning of the “next phase” when you wait patiently knowing that when all you can do is stand, it’s time to enjoy the view.

This is the introductory article to a series entitled, “Across the Universe”. As the series continues, I will update this article to include a link to the new posts, and each post will link back to this article. You can also use the series category to quickly list the introductory paragraphs for each article in this series.

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