So, have you wondered what happens when someone thinks about something and nothing at all? Muselania!

Here's a peek into some of the output….

This is mostly a collection of random thoughts in one neat little place. It's also a soapbox. I that hope you find something of worth!

What's In A Name?

You may be wondering, "Muselania"? Well, what might we better call a collection of the miscellaneous musings ambling forth from my head?!

Mia Apologia

I believe in Jesus. I never have been ashamed of or hid this. I love sharing my faith and discussing matters of faith with those who would listen and engage in such conversations. This being said, I hate in-your-face proselytization and unnecessary conflict. Even as Jesus took and kept Himself apart to share His word, truth and love to those who would seek it, I choose to do the same as I follow Him, walking in His footsteps. Thus I keep this blog.

I have many varied interests, and I write about that which I'm passionate. I am an autodidact polymath. The vast majority of what I have learnt over the course of my life is a result of my lust for knowledge in the quest for truth. In Jesus, I have found the Truth. True science is completely consistent with a reasonable faith. True faith is not a blind trust but knowing the history of the One trusted and believing and following Him based on His proven faithfulness. I may not know the future, but I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day.

In this blog I share parts of my story. I own my story. I have the right to tell my story. If those in my story wanted to look better, they should have behaved better.* Certain names and events have been withheld and changed while maintaining the core truth and facts in order to protect the innocent from the guilty, as well as to protect the guilty from retaliation.

I forgive those who have wronged me. This being said, I no longer tolerate patently bad behavior, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. For my safety and well-being, I with a broken heart have moved on with my life without looking back until they confess the truth and lie not about what they have done. However, I'll always be able to be found, never too far from where they left me. They're free to return once the whole unadulterated truth has been told by them. I bare them no ill will. I want them to eat, just not at my table, until they have done the right thing, at which point I'll receive them back into my life with open arms. I wish them the best of success in their endeavors and the fullness of happiness in both this life and the life to come insofar as they are found to be walking in truth and love.

I acknowledge that I've made mistakes, too, for which I have offered my apologies. I've been told by several friends and spiritual advisors that I share more than I should about my errors in judgement at times, but I expect no less honesty and openness from others than I do of myself. In all of this, the one thing that I haven't done is lied about any of it. When I'm wrong, I own it, and I do what it takes to make it right as much as is possible as those who I've offended are willing to receive it. This is all that I ask and expect in return.

The Gospel

I have received the gospel of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection on the third day according to the scriptures, believing in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confessing with my mouth Jesus as Lord, calling on the name of the Lord to be saved. I believe and am sure that Jesus is that Christ, the Son of the living God, the Word which was made and is come in the flesh, the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form. I know that I have been born again by the regenerating indwelling of the holy Spirit of God and of promise, whereby I have been sealed unto the day of redemption, and that I have been saved by God's grace through faith not of works. For me, this was at the age of three—I was able to communicate these facts as well as any three year old boy could. If you believe on and fully trust in the same, you too have been born again and saved. Would you like more information about this or have you believed in Jesus? Let me know!

* With apologies to Anne Lamott

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