Friend List = Prayer List

I've heard some people say that they have little to pray about… that they can do all of their daily praying outside of meals in less than 15 minutes.

Here's an idea: you got a friend list? Of course you do, silly, you're on Facebook, MySpace or a number of other social networking sites! Well, there's the start of a prayer list for you!

I'm sure that even if every single one of your friends are saved, sanctified and serving God faithfully (ha!), they still need your prayer because of the spiritual attacks that are certain to come. Even in the absences of a present spiritual attack, there's still the ever-present needs of this life that arise daily as well as one's general growth and maturation over time. Of course, we know how many have yet to reach these spiritual milestones….

If your prayer list is thus "too long", do what I've done: divide it into more manageable chunks: it usually takes me ~5-15 minutes per friend, depending on how well I know the circumstances of your present life. Pick enough to last you 15 minutes to start; then, as God works in your heart and mind, expand that as he leads (or convicts!).

Just a thought….

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James Reed

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