An Undivided Heart

The following is a devotional article written by the late Richard S. Taylor, a pastor, theologian and educator in the holiness movement. I found it reprinted in the Fall-Winter 2008 edition of Glad Tidings, the seasonal newsletter of Hollow Rock Holiness Camp Meeting. I commend it to your prayerful consideration.

Ps. 86:11 – "Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name." (NASB)

David is praying for a devotion to God that has been cleansed from double-mindedness. Only then will he be able to walk in God's way consistently and fear God's name (His holy character) with both reverence and affection. He is praying for a work of divine power to be wrought within him. He knows that he cannot create an undivided heart within himself; it must be a gift of grace.

There is no question as to the supernatural nature of heart holiness. We can surrender, consecrate and trust but only the Holy Spirit can change the foundations of our nature.

People ask, "Do you believe in eradication?" My answer is: "If you mean, does God eradicate my natural instincts and propensities, both physical and mental, in such a way that these faculties can no longer be avenues of temptation thus making sin impossible, my answer is no. I do not believe in that kind of eradication.

"Further, if you mean the annihilation of my self-hood, with its natural self-awareness and instinct of self-preservation, again I must answer no.

"But if you mean the cleansing of my inner motives and springs of actions from that lurking reluctance to embrace the full lordship of Christ in every detail and in all its personal ramifications, then I gladly say yes, I do believe in eradication. I believe that I can be purged from that carnal mindedness which is 'enmity' against God (Romans 8:7). Nothing less than this will give us the inward foundation for happy service and growing maturity."

(Edited for typos and punctuation in the reprint; translation version noted.)

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