Thought of the Day

In case no one has told you this today…

You are worthy.

You are worthy to be accepted.
You are worthy to be loved.

You are infinitely valuable and
deserve to be loved unconditionally
as you are for who you are where you are
without expectations or obligations.

Your heart is a treasure and your love is a gift.
Open and share them fully but carefully.
Not everyone is ready to enjoy the privilege
of knowing you truly, deeply, intimately.
Anyone who doesn't see this or says otherwise
isn't meant to be in your life.

The greatest challenge and gift in life
is finding someone who knows
all of your differences, mistakes and faults
and still chooses to love you.

You've got this.
You can make this happen.
You are the determiner of your destiny.

Determine who you are and embrace it!
Decide what to be and go be it!
Discover someone to love and pursue them!

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James Reed

Love has EVERYTHING to do with it, all you need is love!

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