Prayers for the First Nations and all American Peoples

As I was praying and seeking God specifically for His will in the case of Leonard Peltier the other night, I felt strongly impressed to pray for his release, and the following prayers came to me.

Please ask our Father for a confirmation of these prayers by His Spirit, His Spirit praying with our spirit as we cry Abba Father in this matter that our Father's will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

These prayers are not complete. The revelations that the Spirit is giving me in these areas are progressive. I've already expanded these prayers with new knowledge since I first wrote them down early in the morning a few days ago. I know that as I continue to seek our Father's face and heart, He by His Spirit will continue to show me more perfectly how to pray.

I note that these prayers are what I've been instructed to pray. I feel no "call to action" in my spirit at this time other than to pray and to share these issues and the prayers with which I make intercession regarding these issues. You are welcome to join with me in agreement adding your "amen" to these prayers if you feel so led.

For the First Nations Peoples

Pray that our Father will show mercy on Leonard Peltier and send the Gospel to him, that his heart will be softened, that he will have ears to hear and eyes see and that he will be given both to will and to do as the Father pleases, leading many to a saving knowledge of Jesus and true faith. Pray for the Gospel to once again go out to the First Nations peoples in the demonstration of power so that Jesus is high and lifted up in their sight, drawing all who will to call on the name of the Lord Jesus to be saved.

Pray to bind Columbia and her servants and order her to release Leonard Peltier, all similarly suited as him and the First Nations peoples from her bondage. Pray to bind Quetzalcoatl and his servants from retaliating against Columbia and her servants, and that the innocent caught in the crossfire in any such actions will be preserved and sustained. Pray that the God of Heaven will intervene between these two warring factions, sending an archangel and the angelic hosts necessary to bind the hands of Satan, Quetzalcoatl and Columbia, collectively acting as "the great spirit" of First Nations spirituality, in this matter, tearing down the spiritual high places and enforcing the keeping of the peace between the spiritual wickedness in high places in this battle until the Restrainer has been removed.

Pray that the veil blinding the eyes of the new American peoples to the plight of the First Nations peoples and of one of their chief protectors, Leonard Peltier, be lifted, and that their case be brought to a national light. Pray that the hearts of the new American peoples will be moved with compassion and repentance for the crimes of their ancestors against the ancestors of the First Nations peoples. Pray that the new American peoples will cry out for justice to restore the First Nations peoples to their natural way of life in their former lands in a manner that is equitable for both them and those who are innocent and ignorant of the crimes of their ancestors yet live in profit of it.

Pray that the "unseen hand" in these matters, both spiritual and natural, will be exposed, and that the American peoples will unite to reject them, preferring peace and love over war and hate.

For the Saints in America

Pray that the Lord God Almighty will send an archangel and legions of angels to intervene on behalf of all true believers on Jesus in the Americas and to protect them from the wrath that is shortly to fall on the American peoples for their grave transgressions and iniquities against the God of Heaven, because the blood of the saints, the innocent, the defenseless and the unborn has risen up to Him. He has heard their cries and will wink at the sin of the American peoples no more. Pray that the saints will persevere in the faith and not fall to the side or be deceived, that they will will watch, listen and pray for His will and His kingdom in their lives and this world and that they will not love their lives even to the death.

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