Sermon Notes: Three Reasons To Build Memorials

These notes are from a sermon delivered by William E. ("Bill") Isaacs to the Streetsboro Church of God congregation on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Three Reasons To Build Memorials

To Increase Our Faith—We need to see what God has done.

To Increase the Faith of Others—We need to teach others what God has done.

To Give Us Victory over the Adversary—When the adversary tries to tell us that nothing has happened or will happen, we need to remind ourselves of God's faithfulness.

This is part of the series "Sermon Notes". These posts are notes from various sermons from which I benefited and feel may be of benefit to a wider audience. They range from several short points in a brief outline to fully transcribed texts. I note the original preacher/teacher to give credit where credit is due and while the text is primarily from the material provided by the preacher/teacher, my own thoughts, comments and/or emendations may be and frequently are included with the principle source of the sermon not being responsible for such. Where possible, links to audio files of the original message may be provided.

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