So I went ahead and did it . . .

Someone wanted me to see her MySpace profile and view her pics. Okay, n/p, let’s look. Right?

Well, in order to do so, MySpace tells me that I need to have an account (inasmuch as her account is set to “private”). Grrr….

I asked her to set her account to public for a few so that I could see it. “No dice. And you did say that you would look at it…. ;)”

Now, I already have a web site. Nothing fancy, just a place on the web to call my own. So why do I need a MySpace account? Puh-leeze!

But, if I want to view her profile, I need to sign up. And I did say that I would look at it…. By the way, did I mention that she has been pestering me to get an account for some time? (Me thinks I have been scammed into getting an account; note that this is not the look of pleasure that you see on my face right now….)

Oh, well. So I got the account.

And since I was at it, I went ahead and got a LiveJournal account too. Arrggghhhh!!!!! Just to please a woman!

Happy now?

(Oh, and that’s most definitely not to imply that anything could ever come of this!)

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