A lot can happen in a year!

A lot has changed in the last year! Instead of writing a series of novellas, here is the (semi-)short version.

I was permanently laid-off from Ergonomic & Safety Services because of a lack of work.

I did a brief stint as the county Phone Bank Coordinator for the Ohio Republican Party in the '06 election cycle. I also was the county party general volunteer coordinator. I have been a poll worker since 2001 and a member of the county party Central Committee since 2003.

My unemployment ran out late February. Still looking for work ever since! (Got any?)

I went to NewLife Academy of Information Technology for five months this spring and most of summer, completing the Advanced Software Development program. I am now looking for work! (Will code for food! Java, anyone?)

I am currently in a state of flux with my partisan duties because I do not know if my getting a job will require me to relocate. Otherwise, I am gearing up for the '08 presidential election. I am trying to decide if I will actively support Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson at the county level. Actually, I'd prefer to see a Thompsom/Huckabee ticket in '08 (take that, Clinton/Obama ['cause ya just know it's gonna happen!]). Of course, whomever wins the primary will receive my undivided loyalty; I can't think of a single Democratic contender that I could support in the face of the current Republican hopefuls. (For those who say that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, I agree. However, by not voting for the lesser of two evils, you thereby silently support with the winner and possibly, greater evil. ::sigh::) (It's kinda-sorta like choosing between forced injections of arsenic or cyanide. At least with the former, you not only have a chance of surviving, but you may also come out with a beautiful glow! 😉 )

On a more personal note, no, there's no "significant other" at this time. I have several persons in mind, but since I may be relocating to find work, I can't justify asking someone to potentially have to choose between a long distance relationship, moving or breaking up. So, I wait.

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