Concerning Santa Claus . . .

As a result of a discussion on this matter, I googled the phrase "is Santa real", and in response to what I found, I have written the following. Please comment freely as you will.

Among reasoning, rational adults there is no discussion concerning the existence of "Santa Claus". However, the rationalization of the propriety of the telling and perpetuating of lies, half-truths and misleading statements to one's and other's children is an issue that is and probably ever will be debated, and that quite hotly.

Simply put, there was never a "Santa Claus", in either reality or the modernly expressed "principle". The man behind the myth was a generous giver to all in need because of and in response to the generous gift of eternal life given to him by God through the merit of the finished work of Jesus the Christ on the cross.

The joy of life (let alone any particular time or season) is not in receiving the "gifts" to which one is entitled because one has been "good enough" to earn them (which of course, are then no gifts at all); rather, it is in the privilege of sharing with and giving to others because we value them as unique persons and the relationships with which we have been blessed in enjoying.

[soapbox]I see no need for creating or perpetuating myths with which to bind the minds of the innocent and trusting. Don't build your relationships with others through lying and taking but through giving and sharing.[/soapbox]

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