When It Rains… Prayer Needed for Family Medical Problems

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? That's how I feel after this week with my family's medical problems! I have two siblings in need of urgent prayer.

First, almost everyone one in my locally-situtated family just finished suffering throught the single worst case of the flu—it lasted several weeks from beginning to end with my mother still recovering. On the heels of this, earlier this week my brother Eric was diagnosed with severe arthritis, which appeared and became near crippling over only several days. He is a manual laborer who lifts heavy furniture daily, depending on his body for his living. He has three children (9, 4 & 3 yrs) for whom he provides full and sole support. Also, my sister Autumn was just diagnosed with having had a TIA ("ministroke"), apparently about two to three days ago, resulting in a moderate loss of function in her hands, blurred vision in her right eye and confusion with difficulty in thinking. So far, the TIA seems relatively minor but she is still in the hospital for observation and further testing. She is married (her husband is an active-duty Marine) and has three boys (6, 3 & 1 yrs) at home.

Please pray that God heals both of them quickly, giving them a full and immediate recovery, and that we are all protected from further medical issues.

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