Why I Support Ron Paul for US President

The universal enslavement of humanity is being prepared before our eyes, even under our noses. The question is not whether our bondage will be technological or social, enforced or embraced; their is no conflict between "1984" and "A Brave New World". Those who gladly accept all-pervasive hedonism under government control will be entertained to death while bartered into perpetual wage slavery; those who do not will be ostracized, tracked, imprisoned and executed.

This is nothing new: there have always been cabals and oligarchies, despots and tyrants lusting after money and power throughout recorded history; people amassing gold and armies with both serving to increase the other, lending under usury the former to all who would take it and threatening those who would try to live apart from the system with the latter. What has changed in the heart of man in this regard? What indication have we that we are any less selfish and self-centered than ever?

The "End Game" of the powers that be who crave a centralized international unified world government is coming within several years, which includes a fully prepared invasion of UN/NATO "peace-keeping" forces into the nations of the American continents. Foreign troops with no allegiance to our Constitution and no loyalty to our peoples are already stationed and training for full urban warfare within our borders. These "peace-keeping" forces are already toppling sovereign nation-states without regard for human life or legitimate legal excuse. Ron Paul is the only non-sellout left in the artificial left-right paradigm who presently is qualified, capable and proven faithful to serve as President and willing to place his "life, fortune and sacred honor" on the line in the battle against these persons. If Paul does not win the 2012 Presidential election, 2016 will be largely irrelevant in that barring the direct intervention of the Almighty One, the "End Game" will be underway, possibly with full civil war, if not world war. This is if the several united States even exist as a nation in our Constitutional form at that time. IF we are not going to act now, then when? After we have been disarmed, interned and murdered?

To the professing "Christians" who believe in a "pre-Tribulation" "rapture": even if this understanding of the scriptures is correct, what makes you think that we are somehow immune from these present troubles? Have we not had our own revolutions and wars on our own soils in the past? What of the believers behind the Iron, Cactus and Bamboo curtains? Are we better and/or more deserving of divine protection than they? These troubles are not the wrath and work of the Almighty One and his messengers but the lusts and machinations of wicked people and fallen spiritual beings.

This is a war and most of us are asleep and angered with those who would wake us up. Voting for Ron Paul will not fix the problem for we, individually, are the problem. Vote for Ron Paul indeed but wake up yourself, first. Accept the mantle of personal responsibility, and liberty and freedom may be ours for the retaking—if it is not too late. We may not win the war with this battle but if we sleep through it, we are sure to lose.

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