A Few Nagging Questions

A friend recently posted this to a social media account:

Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I'm not in a mental asylum.

Then I take a good look around me and realize… maybe I am.

Yes, they meant this as a joke, but when I first read this, I couldn't shake it. The more that I thought about it, the more that it stirred me. As I continued to ponder it, the following question came to mind:

  • What if this life is functionally equivalent to a high-end VR simulation "spiritual hospital" where the soul, the consciousness, can work out personal issues?

Never being the one to let well enough alone, and with a mind that just won't quit, the following questions also occurred to me.

(It was only after I wrote this, having laid in bed for hours thinking about this post, these thoughts running through my mind over and over regardless of how hard I tried to fall asleep, that I actually was able to fall asleep!)

  • What if this reality is a quantum digital holographic simulation, being a Fourier transform of the spirit domain over the natural domain?
  • What if space-time and thought, matter and spirit, science and magick, process and ritual, technology and craft, are not the separate, disconnected things that we've been led to believe?
  • What if the spoken word aligned with intent is the primary programming interface for this reality?
  • What if the use of magick is some people discovering how to manipulate and reprogram this simulation to the intent of their will though the application of "the laws of nature and nature's God"—the Creator, the Master Programmer—like a computer scientist who can "hack" a computer to make it do whatever they want within its design and limitations?
  • What if we, being created "in God's image and likeness", are not the separate human "beings" that we perceive and think ourselves to be but are in fact one human being, a spiritual unity that exists in a multi-relational state, with souls that are distinct and distinguishable but indivisible and inseparable—like the God who created us?
  • What if these bodies of ours are are fully networked biochemical computer interfaces for the souls of the human spirit to interact with the natural world?
  • What if the same life force carried in our blood is the primary energy through which this really is programmed?
  • What if this existence is a breeding ground for new persons, "souls", into the human being?
  • What if the "Garden of Eden" was the original entry point into this simulated reality, a "paradise" that was to serve as "home base" as we, humanity, cultivated a vast, untamed wilderness, provided with all the resources necessary thereto, into a "civilized" world filled with technological, architectural and cultural wonders?
  • What if the "fruit of tree of the knowledge of good and evil" was a test of our faithfulness to relationship with the Transcendental Other over seeking our own will over His, being a program that would give us access to a certain knowledge and experience by modifying our quantum signature and giving us knowledge of and direct access to the primary programming interface while corrupting our natural desires for self awareness and actualization with selfishness and self-centeredness, barring us from the "paradise" of the "garden of Eden" and fellowship with the Master Programmer?
  • What if "the fall" was the first person who entered this simulation choosing to "hack" it to remain here with the second person, which second person had eaten that forbidden fruit because they were deceived by an adversary jealous of humanity's special favored status in this reality, giving control of this world to that being and its followers?
  • What if this reality is a school in which souls first exist to learn and grow through overcoming challenges?
  • What if this life is functionally equivalent to a high-end VR simulation "spiritual hospital" where the soul, the consciousness, can work out personal issues?
  • What if "past lives" as recalled in otherwise inexplicable dreams, visions or trances are the epigenetically transferred memories that are holographically recorded in our biofield that includes those of our ancestors and everyone with whom they had a soul tie or otherwise strong bond, or are those of non-human spirits that are attached to or indwell our bodies?
  • What if this reality is our personal "hell" and the hellfire of eternal torment we hear preached is just a lie created and perpetuated by those who, knowing the true nature and disposition of this reality, like to "live" here because they're psychopaths who get their pleasure from tormenting us?
  • What if Jesus' sacrifice was the greatest act of blood over intent that ever has been or will be wrought, rewriting the matrix and our core programming to reverse the viral infection of selfishness and self-centeredness, releasing us from the corrupted programming of this reality and reuniting us with the Master Programmer?
  • What if all that we need to escape "hell" is to accept the reprogramming of our corrupted quantum signature by "placing our faith"—fully trusting in and relying upon as a matter of intent—in Him, "believing in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead", activating this programming though our spoken word, "confessing with our mouth Jesus as Lord"?
  • What if the "lake of fire", the ultimate and final exit for those who, being separated from God by rejecting the reprogramming of Jesus' sacrifice, is the means by which they are removed from this reality, being utterly and irrevocably cut off from their Creator and those who choose to surrender their will to the Creator's will?

I'm not saying that I subscribe to the implied spirituality, religious beliefs or theology implied by these questions; what I am saying is that I find these questions intriguing in a way that I just can't shake them. It's not like anyone has any reason to be afraid of a few simple questions, right?

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