Thanks! (… and My Apology)

Thanks to everyone who sent me greetings and wishes in any form for a great holiday season and/or any part thereof. I really do appreciate the sentiments.

No, this message (being my apology) is not late. I purposely decided to wait until now, thinking it best to wait to share it with you until after the season had passed. I know that many will strongly and emphatically disagree with what I have to share, so I waited until a time in which it would be less likely to seem as if I am preaching and condemning rather than sharing my heart-felt conviction. I don't want to come across as ungrateful or aloof but I also don't want to give unnecessary offense. I also have been encouraged to not be so "appeasing"; rather, just to simply and inoffensively as possible (as far as it is within my power) share what I believe and why I believe it and leave it at that. So I do.

I don't celebrate Christmas. In response to my knowledge of the pagan origins and purposes of the date selected and various traditions associated therewith in light of what we do know of the Anointed One's ("Christ's") birth, both it's prophecy and fulfillment, I cannot in good conscience participate in or in any manner involve myself with that which I know, according to scripture, is patently offensive to our heavenly Father.

From this point on, I will post a similarly suited message at the beginning of the "season" (i.e., on the Friday following Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA), in much the same manner as this. In addition, I will be posting some material that I have written and am writing, as well as hosting and linking to that which other have written, concerning this subject.

My primary concern is to avoid showing any condemnation to anyone for his participation in these events. Indeed, I did for all of my life until I came to a fuller understanding of certain truths and facts, not the least of which are ones concerning how our adversary has deceived us and corrupted our worship so thoroughly through the hand of the church of Rome. To my shame, even for several years after I was convicted of my trespassing God's holiness through my participation I, in trying to appease my family, friends and community of faith, continued to do that which I know to be offensive to the Holy One and his child Jesus.

So, when I say thanks for the sentiment, I mean it. I know that many of you are in no different a place than was I. I wish all of you God's blessing and peace; for those who are in the Anointed One, in your continued obedience to the light which he has shown you, and for those who are not, in your repentance from sin and freely accepting the greatest gift of all: the grace that God gives through faith alone solely in the merit of the finished work of the Anointed One in his death, burial and resurrection!

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