I sit on the edge of my bed
staring at the wall
weeping without end
thinking about you

I sit on a bench at the park
watching all the birds
sighing heavily
trying to forget

I sit in the seat at the show
waiting for the start
longing for my friend
hurting and alone

I sit on a stool at the bar
seeing everyone
living out their lives
bleeding out my heart

I sit on the couch at her home
making a new friend
feeling pain inside
pushing back the tears

I sit in a chair in her kitchen
eating this breakfast
talking about dreams
wanting only you

I sit on the edge of a cliff
looking at nothing
hoping for something
saying my good byes

I sit on a pile of ashes
mourning your leaving
grieving my losses
having nothing left

I sit on the edge of my bed
wanting your presence
craving your friendship
knowing that it's gone


8:00 PM EDT
17 December 2018

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James Reed

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