Truth and Boundaries

My heart is breaking. It has been brought to my attention that I have been being slandered by former friends and friendly acquaintances, one of whom publicly accosted and berated me in front of several mutual friends in one of her places of employment. I've been restricted, unfriended and blocked by several other now former friends who chose to believe this slander.

In one instance, I recently made an error in judgement. I made a decision in a moment, choosing from several options, none of which were ideal; however, it was the wrong decision. When faced with this, I acknowledged the specific act and the error of my choice, apologizing for the trouble that I caused and promising not to repeat this mistake.

Unfortunately, one of the persons who I offended did not accept my apology or believe the sincerity of my motives, instead accusing me to others and to my face of lying and attempting to hurt their friends. With a clear conscience I say that while I was wrong in my choice, my motives were pure and I've only told the truth in this matter.

I have not retaliated against these persons, and refuse to do so. I was advised by one friend to call out the one who attempted to humiliate me, writing an open letter to the management of the establishment in which they publicly berated me. No, I refuse. I will not "name names". I will not repay evil for evil. I hate slander. But more than this, I live by a standard of not even speaking the truth when it might cast another in an unnecessarily negative light. I say with a clear conscience that I've never even uttered a word in lashon hara to our mutual friends about them.

I bear them no ill will, and I wish them nothing but the best of success in all of their endeavors and the fullness of happiness in both this life and the life to come. I hope that the passing of time coupled with my non-retaliation will soften their hearts; however, even if it doesn't, I will offer them nothing except unconditional love, acceptance and support, albeit from a position of "no contact" while things remain as they are.

If you hear rumors about me, I request that you speak directly to me about them. I will answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have without judgement or anger. I value your friendship, care and insight. To those of you who chose to continue unconditionally loving, accepting and supporting me, thank you.

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