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A friend asked in a post on their social media page, how can a person be a Christian and not support BLM.

I left the Republican Party in part for the same reasons that I'll never support the Democratic or Libertarian Parties (or the Constitutional, Green, Socialist, etc.)—they expect you to "fall in line" with the party platform and to support their candidates good, bad or indifferent, you know, for the "good of the party". Of course when election day rolls around, I'll vote for the candidates who I believe will do the least amount of damage to our civil body politic and constitutional form of government, quite often "holding my nose" as I do so, knowing full well how to horse trade. Thus I ask why should I support BLM, an organization that has funneled over $40M into supporting the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party and its candidates, money that should have gone to supporting the communities affected by systemic racism and police brutality, when I myself would never support that party and its candidates directly, let alone financially, because of many points of its platform and voting record.

BLM is a terrorist front and fundraising platform for the radicalized Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, no differently than was the KKK for Southern wing of the Democratic Party of its day when it was created. The fact that history records that the KKK was opportunistic and worked with anyone who would support their hate-fueled lust for power and influence is beside the fact that the same principles behind the manipulation of its members by its leadership are at work in the manipulation of the proletariat at this time. Anyone who hasn't been blinded by partisan politics can see that this purportedly "mostly peaceful movement" is anything but that. The message has morphed from, "Stop systemic racism and police brutality," into, "Give us unbridled socialism, indeed, everything that the Democratic Party has told us could be ours if only we'd vote them into office, or we'll destroy your businesses and homes as we burn your towns to the ground." What we're witnessing isn't the Spirit of '76—it's the spirit of 1789. If you think that this is anything other than just the beginning of this Democratic Socialist reign of terror, you're deluded at best.

Please make no mistake, the violent actions being committed in the name of this "movement" are acts of terrorism by enemies of these United States by any definition. The organizers and leadership of BLM openly and proudly brag about being "trained Marxists". The parallels between this and the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong's CCP riling up the students and disaffected of his day are striking. Is it any wonder that the "Democratic" leaders of afflicted communities at best stand back silently as these violent agent provocateurs ransack the very communities and small businesses that they claim to want to protect from the police, refusing to maintain any semblance of law and order? Have you considered why these "protests" for the most part haven't gone violent or been allowed to do so in Republican controlled communities? Ask yourselves, who stands to profit from the creation of this "new" "republic"?

Yes, I acknowledge that for the most part, those protesting police abuse and a lack of accountability by the police are expressing legitimate concerns in the same manner as did many of the civil rights leaders of the past; however, like the majority of popular movements throughout the history, the mostly ignorant masses are being used as pawns by those who know how to manipulate the people and flip them to serving their ends as so many "useful idiots", and the masses aren't directly involved in the acts of violence. Along with many of good conscience, I support the demilitarization of the police and requiring unflinching accountability for all law enforcement officers, weeping over the lives lost through police brutality and working towards the elimination of this evil, while rejecting the BLM "movement" and its organizations as a Democratic Socialist terrorist front that is playing into the hands of the very people behind both of the two major parties who profit from these excessive abuses on the part of unaccountable police forces, not to mention the prison-industrial complex fueled thereby.

To my friends who support the ostensible "ideals" of BLM, how can you even begin to equate the violence, rioting, pillaging and murdering being done by so many under the name and with the blessing of this movement, its leadership and the radicalized Democratic Socialists with the ideals of your purported cherished modern figurehead and idol Martin Luther King, Jr.? He would have had some very sharp words for the violent "civil disobedience" that your leaders and funders are instigating and supporting. What we're witnessing in the major Democratic Party strongholds isn't anything like Dr. King's peaceful marches, neither is it the means to fulfill and achieve his dreams.

So, I'm not supposed to call myself a Christian if I don't support BLM?! (Not that I do—I prefer follower of Jesus, but that's a point of discussion for another article.) I must ask, can a Christian, a follower of Jesus, support terrorism? How can such an one support this violence?

I cannot, do not and will not support in any way this "movement" called BLM, let alone it's "grassroots" organizations. If you do, you need to check your hearts and minds because the actions being performed in its name are terrorism, and by supporting BLM you yourself (even inadvertently) are become a terrorist sympathizer and domestic enemy of these United States, giving aid and comfort to the same, even if you're not actively participating in these acts of terrorism yourselves.

To my friend whose social media post prompted this article and those who agree with them, while I feel deeply and sympathize with those who would correct social injustices longstanding and would join MLK in his marches if he hadn't have been murdered, I find it offensive that you'd take such a swipe at fellow professing believers who have just as much concern for the rule of law and the maintenance of order as they do for addressing these issues. I now ask you, how can you call yourself a Christian while supporting this utter lawlessness. Maybe you're forgetting about Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, 1 Timothy 2:1-4 and 1 Peter 2:13-17. If you don't support this violence and lawlessness, have your said anything about it? Have you called it out and demanded change within your own ranks? Maybe you were ignorant of the reasons that might compel one of good conscience to turn away from BLM as a movement and its organizations unworthy of the ideals that it professes. If you're truly a believer in Jesus, you must be. We're all only human, after all. How can you imply so easily that those who disagree are doing so with a bad heart, especially without even having considered this?

I'm generally not one to draw lines in the sand, and I can entertain conversations with people of good will even when I completely and entirely disagree with them; however, if any of my readers really feel this way—that I'm somehow less of a believer in Jesus and His ideals than you because I can see through the lies and deceits of this farce and have the moral courage to call it out and stand against it—please unfriend me and leave my life now, and I bid you go post haste. May you see the light of the truth before this iniquitous error undoes us all.

In case you're wondering what was the final straw that led to my exit from the Republican Party (and the fundamental ideological basis for why I'll never be either a Democrat or a Libertarian): Where Do We Go From Here?

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