Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war….

I see a lot of my United States residing friends, acquaintances and others chomping at the bit for a "new revolution", some openly calling for civil war if "their side" doesn't get their desired outcome in this election. Allegations of fraud, accusations of corruption and even calls for the execution of traitors are echoing through the land, with fingers pointing on all sides.

For those who profess faith in Jesus and are in either camp, I respectfully request that we consider this: Let's say that this plunges us into the United States' Second Civil War, if not WW3, as certain opportunistic nation states set to profit from this decide to involve themselves, let alone taking advantage of it to launch an assault at our moment of greatest weakness. Let's further say that in the end, our side "wins" and we're still here to pick up the pieces. Yay for our side. Go you. The Republic is preserved, Democracy wins or whatever outcome we wanted is achieved—if there even is a functional America left after the dust settles.

I ask, what about the unsaved dead? What about those who will never have another opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ, to repent towards God and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, believing in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confessing with their mouth Jesus as Lord, calling on the name of the Lord to be saved by grace through faith based on the merit of the finished work of Jesus' propitiatory substitutionary blood atonement for our sins at Calvary? What about those who, through no direct fault of their own, are thus removed from the possibility of salvation?

Please think about this before getting all trigger happy. War is a terrible thing. If someone brings it to us, that's one thing, and I'll take up arms to defend my family, my fellow Americans and my Constitution with the same heart and fervency as did Captain Benjamin Martin during the American Revolution to protect his family, his community and his people's liberty. However, are we willing and ready to answer for being the one who brought war to the unsaved, sealing their eternal fate? Are we so dead set in having our way that we're willing to pay for it with their blood, their souls being sent to hell to await the second death in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, where the smoke of their torment rises forever and the worm doesn't die? As we're praying for victory for our side, are we also praying for peace, mercy, grace and the souls of the lost?

Yes, there is a time for war and a time for peace. Is this really the time for war? Is there no peaceful way moving forward? Have we exhausted every lawful means to address these serious issues facing our nation? Is our vision for America worth the price of the eternal souls of our fellow Americans, our fellow humans, if there be any other way than war to bring a resolution before heading down this path? If war comes because all other means have been exhausted to ensure that the law of the land is preserved, so be it, but woe be to those who live by the sword, for they shall be the ones who die by it.

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