A Woman Rides the Beast

We're in perilous times. The events of this year have been disquieting, moreso than any that I can remember in my lifetime. We've experienced spiritual turbulence many times, but this is different—it's far more acutely pronounced and prolonged. The Powers That Be are working a deep magick ritual of blood over intent in the symbolic reenacting of the Osirian Myth Cycle through this manufactured plague and corrupted election, complete with a mocking foreshadowing of the Beast that receives a deadly wound, is taken for dead and is raised back up to the wonderment of the world in this sham of a Presidential election process.

Of all the nations of the world, ours, these several united States under our constitutional form of government, is the only system in which We, the People, truly are guaranteed in writing as the supreme law of the land that we can choose representative legislators who are not only of us, but just like us: and we do, so very often. We could have a society in which everyone is free to prosper through the labor of their own hands as we exercise personal self-government, if only we were willing to pay the price for it. Since we have the opportunity to participate in our own government, we bear the weight of moral, ethical and legal responsibility both in the natural and spiritual realms for the actions of those whom we've chosen to exercise the rule over us. One who votes for a particular candidate is not necessarily guilty of that person's wrongdoings in office so long as they don't cover it up through silence but rather expose it and hold the officeholder accountable; however, far too often on all sides of our political divides, people refuse to do so because they're afraid that it will "help" the other side "win".

Unfortunately, most of us have chosen to go the easy route and blindly accept whoever's been placed before us by the multinational corporate interests controlled by the "old money" Powers That Be as these candidates promise whatever it takes to secure our votes, with many of their supporters doing whatever it takes to make sure that "our side wins"—"Vote Blue no matter who" and "Vote Red or we'll be dead" is the cry of the day. This year for the highest office, we were given the "choice" between a womanizing rapist who bragged about being able to get away with sexual assault under the thinnest of pretenses on the one hand and a child and woman sniffing and groping pedophile with proven connections to the greatest publicly known whoremonger of our lifetime on the other, both of whom have hard recorded evidence as well as many credible witnesses against them who have been paid off to drop their cases and remain silent.

People on both sides of the false left vs. right dichotomy refused to consider looking outside of this "these two and no others" paradigm. They turned on their family and professed friends if they even questioned the political duopoly, let alone pointed out the fact that there's been more than two legally electable candidates with universal ballot access for over two decades. I lost "friends" on both "sides of the aisle" for pointing out these facts as they vehemently deny what's plainly in front of them, making excuses as their chosen taskmasters promise to fulfill the desires of their bases while hypocritically decrying the other side for being and remaining willfully blind. Now we have "patriots" marching in the streets demanding that their preferred poison of a soul be kept in or put into office, lest there be civil war—and yes, I'm hearing calls for revolution if their "side" doesn't win from nearly all quarters, lest we lose our "democracy" / "republic" (as they prefer to brand their chosen misuse of these concepts with little understanding of what these terms mean in many cases).

In preparation for this, we've already witnessed several times this year the vampiric consumption of blood and the burning of icons in effigy being practiced on a smaller scale in the streets—blood over intent and the passing through the fire, two of the most powerful forms of contagious and sympathetic magick. We've watched on the evening news as pagans, wiccans, satanists and occultists from all schools and systems of magickal thought gather to work both right and left-hand path rituals in the capitol and throughout the nation to loose powers and principalities, devils and unclean spirits, to bind those who would oppose evil and to blind and bewitch the peoples and their leaders. Of course, there's been the dark operations of those who gather at the Bohemian Grove for the past several generations before us through the present day.

From certain religious quarters, the practice of ritual magick is no less on display, even those that are ostensibly "Christian". We see self-proclaimed "prophets" and "apostles", professed ministers of the gospel of Christ, "declaring and decreeing" words of "God's choice" over either of these two candidates, some going so far as to pronounce curses over the other candidates and anyone who would dare oppose theirs. They cajole their followers over for whom to vote with warnings of the dire consequences should they oppose the obviously manifest "will of God" that theirs alone is God's candidate anointed to to lead us into the kingdom of God on earth through America, that candidate being the political and economic savior of the world. Not a few are hailing this as a mandate, even seven-fold no less, that if ignored will lead to our social and cultural damnation both individually and collectively. From both "sides" of the religious and political aisle (as if this is a cut-and-dry either-or scenario), these manipulate their adherents with that which is no less than practical witchcraft and sorcery.

This witchcraft and sorcery, once hidden, consigned to the recesses of our society, is now being practiced openly and boldly, and this all but being celebrated by our mainstream media… yes, Virginia, magick is very real and powerful, and the only way to resist and fight it is through Jesus' blood and the word of our testimony. It's all about Ordo ab Chao, and once again the principle of manufactured consent through the silent acquiescence of the people to the system itself in the face of occulted predictive programming over the past several seasons is playing out before us.

The vast majority of those who voted for Trump or Biden have, albeit unwittingly, become participants in and partakers of these iniquities and wickednesses through no direct fault of their own (if it not be willful ignorance and intentional blindness on their part): they have been sucked into the quadrennial performance of the ritual acceptance of the plan of The Powers That Be through which the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places procure the right to move forward with their plans for our nation and world. Presidential Electors were to have been selected by the several legislatures to represent the states, but now through the slight of hand of having people vote for a slate of "pledged" Electors indirectly under the name of their preferred presidential and vice presidential candidates, many, if not most, of us have been deceived into thinking that We, the People, democratically vote for the office of President and Vice President, which couldn't be futher from the truth, all the while being made complicit with their evil, having joined ourselves to them at the ballot box. It's the ultimate "heads we win, tails you lose" scenario where We, the People, are the butt of the greatest political farce of all time, all the while the god of this world and his minions on both sides of the veil and aisle are laughing in our faces in mocking derision over how handily they have almost taken our republic from us.

This is not to say that the LORD God Almighty isn't in control, isn't allowing this or isn't going to use this for His purposes. While Satan, that fallen cherub and great dragon, the prince of the power of the air, is still in power in the first and second heavens for but a little while longer and gives the kingdoms of men to whomever he wills until Jesus returns and takes them all by the sword of His word, we know that our Father in heaven and His holy angels at His command can and will intervene at the behest of His children when we effectually fervently pray in accordance with His will as revealed in the holy scriptures. The one true God of heaven and earth has been merciful to the sinful sons of men in moving on their hearts in times past to cause and allow this experiment of a constitutional federal republic to take place, and He continues to do so as we yet watch how miserably We, the People, have "kept" our once great republic. Even as Jesus prayed on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," for those who were acting in malice towards Him, we now need to pray first for mercy and forbearance for those who meant no malice in their ignorance of the nature of the game being played as they voted for their favorite puppeteers, which are but puppets themselves, as well as for both the system itself and the evil being wrought therethrough on the larger scale to be exposed for what it is—lest we as a people be given over to the destruction for which our nation has been fitted by our adversary before the fullness of the Times of the Gentiles has come, ending this great experiment and our liberties that we've enjoyed thus far.

For those of us who have believed in our hearts upon Jesus' propitiatory substitutionary blood atonement for our sins in His death, burial and resurrection according to the scriptures and confess Him as Lord as we call on the name of the Lord to be saved, none of this moves us, or at least it shouldn't. I'm sharing this because I know that I'm not the only person who has come to understand the nature of the game being played and has seen this coming, and I want to connect with those whose eyes of their understanding has been enlightened. We're not alone, and there are many who are waking up to the fact that this plandemic and (s)election cycle are but a preparatory phase for the next big push in the coming universal collapse and "great reset" as we enter the long planned "dark winter", watching for Jesus' return even as the world is barreling headlong into the gaping maw of the end of days.

Please agree with me in prayer that as those of us who are awake continue to walk after the Spirit and see the signs of Christ's soon return unfolding before us, we will remain faithful and resist the urge to turn back to walking after the flesh or to war with carnal weapons; that we'll be bold in the power of the Holy Ghost in sharing the gospel of Christ with a lost and dead world, as well as in sharing this type of information to awaken, warn and prepare others for the turbulent times ahead, and perhaps stay the coming trials for yet another season; that people will find their peace in the midst of the storm as they enter into the rest that has been provided through the redemption that is in the faith of Jesus Christ; that those of us who have acted in ignorance in these matters in times past will recognize and repent ourselves of this; and that those who are doing wickedness regardless of their partisan, religious or other affiliation will be revealed by their own deeds with lawful justice being served.

If you're not a part of a congregation of believers whose bishop/pastor is awake, aware and active in addressing these issues from the pulpit with patience, wisdom and understanding, leading his people in praying regarding and preparing for these troubled times according to knowledge from sound doctrine, now is the time to obey our Lord's command to "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins" and find a church that is faithful to teach and apply the whole counsel of God's word. I'm not talking about finding a better vehicle for the "organized, institutionalized religion" of the Church of Rome and her Protestant daughters; rather, it's about coming together in organic spiritual communities of faith to learn, fellowship, serve and pray as the body and bride of Christ, occupying until Jesus returns.

Resources for the Watchers

He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. Proverbs 18:31

I haven't fully discovered the nature and application of this particular reenactment of the Osirian Myth Cycle. Inasmuch as one finds themself being led to research the connection between things, this is one that occurred to me to explore. I recognize the basic pattern being played out, but I know that there's some salient points that I've yet to see. In case you're not familiar with it:

"Presidents are selected, not elected." — FDR
A few videos for your viewing and instructional pleasure….

Foundational materials regarding the what and wherefore of why and how things are as they are:

  • The Heirophant's Proselytizer Questionnaire by Patrick Mooney — The document that started it all for me! The process of researching this out was quite informative, and consumed a large part of my life in the 2000s. Ever wonder why and how I came to hate the dogma and doctrine of the Church of Rome and its corrupting influence, as well as that of her unrepentant Protestant daughters, so much, and finally left the the apostate churches of Thyatira and Laodicea in which I was raised and with which I was so long associated? (I'm sharing this information in light of the above linked video in which the Jesuit/Catholic political connection is detailed.)
  • Complete Cooper MP3 Collection — The Mystery Babylon, Luciferian Philosophy and New World Order series are Bill Cooper's single greatest gift to those who would be a 22 in a world of barely 8s….
  • The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler — Now here's a rabbit hole for you, and a serious reality of which most people are wholly ignorant, and that to their own peril at this juncture.
  • Shatter The Darkness — Russ Dizdar, a "bapticostal" preacher who left the error of the mainstream classical Pentecostal movement (for many of the same reasons as did I), is fighting on the front lines to educate the body of Christ and the churches of God as to the reality, nature and weapons of the spiritual war in which we are engaged. His teaching series, The Five 'A's of Spiritual Warfare, available at Spiritual Warfare Today, is an absolute must listen for those who would be involved in actively taking the the battle to the enemy, rather than flying under the radar while passively filling a pew.

Updated Tuesday 25 April 2023 to include religious examples of the same type of magickal ritual coming from ostensibly "Christian" leaders both on the "right" and on the "left". Thanks to that friend who pointed out this oversight and shortcoming on my part in the original version.

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