Is Facebook Learning Its Lessons?

As many of you may already know, Facebook has recently redesigned its user profile. In the past, Facebook has received considerable grief over what many users felt was a strong-handed and calloused disregard to their opinions in forced, wholesale roll-outs. What is so remarkable about this particular instance is that Facebook is giving its users an opportunity to "opt in" rather than require a mandatory migration. While I am sure that Facebook will eventually require everyone to convert, for now users have a choice and the feedback generated will be invaluable in making additional changes and gauging the right time to force a wholesale roll-out. One can only wonder if this is a sign that Facebook is learning its lesson.

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On Understanding "The Revelation"

As I was meditating on "the revelation of Jesus the Anointed One, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place," it occurred to me that one reason, if not the primary reason, that we have such a hard time understanding it is that we fail to recognize that it is a recursive, fractal and holographic Fourier transform of spiritual reality into the natural shadow in which we live using scriptural Hebraic idiom and symbolism within Koine Greek. Until we understand this in light of the cultures from which these arise and have fully repented of all known sins so as to not block the revelation of the Spirit as he illumines our understanding to and for the exaltation of Jesus, we can never begin to truly appreciate, let alone comprehend, the depth and riches that God has hidden therein (cf. Proverbs 25:2-5).

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Proactive Privacy in the Social Networking Paradigm

I have been asked why I have shared so little information from my profile with those who are not "Facebook/Myspace Friends", especially since I have recently further restricted what I do share with the general public. I consider this as necessary "Proactive Privacy in the Social Networking Paradigm". Let me explain.

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Why I Am Fighting Against This Health Care Bill

Mike Huckabee asked the fans of his Facebook page to "share why you are fighting against this health care bill".

I want to live free: trusting myself to the Almighty One's care, making the decisions that affect my life according to His principles and accepting responsibility for those choices. Why can't we just live and let live? Continue reading Why I Am Fighting Against This Health Care Bill

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Obamacare: A game of Democratic Three-card Monty?

In response to Health Care Updates: Democrats, Republicans Respond To CBO Score1, a friend of mine wrote: "The CBO numbers are out, reform is coming." Oh, really?

The CBO release estimated the overall budget savings to health care would be approximately $138 billion. The CBO Director stated: "This estimate is therefore preliminary, pending a review of the language of the reconciliation proposal, as well as further review and refinement of the budgetary projections." So, we, the American people, are to base our final, hurried support of Obamacare on a preliminary estimate?

I find this to be interesting. I wonder how these numbers should be viewed in light of the fact that the Medicare fix would push health care into the red by $59 billion2 as the CBO sheepishly admitted after the the short-lived fan-fare.

What's the difference between Enron and Lehman Brothers moving massive amounts of debts off the books the day before the accounting period ends to bring them back the day after and the Democrats moving the "Medicare" fix out of the bill before sending it to the CBO and putting it back in thereafter?

Is Obamacare such that the only way they can get it shoved down our throats is to give us the old bait and switch? Anybody up for a game of Democratic Three-card Monty? Anybody?

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A Whole New World!

Yippy, Skippy: we're a go! I've finally taken the time to set up my blog and gallery and integrate the two! No promises on frequency, but I will try to maintain a regular schedule of at least one post per month.

Only one post per month?!? Well, here's how I see it: it's far more than what I have done on my externally hosted blogs and well, it is my blog! Of course, there's nothing limiting me to only one post per month (but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!)

So… why maintain my blog on my own site, you ask? For much the same reasons as expressed in this immortal quote:

I'm doing this because I enjoy it. Not to mention the most important reason for climbing a mountain… Because it's there.

(Five free brownie points to those who can cite the source!)

Yes, folks, there's but one good reason for anyone to maintain a blog. Ponder that for a while as you consider the momentous occasion that this event represents!

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The End Is Here (Alone, but not lonely?)

One of the aspects that I most enjoy about Hollow Rock each year is serving in the youth program. While the spiritual growth that comes from meditating on the Word and being reminded of the basic doctrines and their applications and is real and important, the greatest source for me of growth and renewal comes from the opportunity to serve others. Spending time with the teens, staff and other campers is great, but even more so when I get the privilege of serving them and meeting their needs.

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It's too early in the morning. Rather, it's too late in the day but another is here and it's not going away. I've been working on a project all night and I just got my second wind about 30 minutes ago. When I hit an impasse and my brain tries to quit (::stop that, it's only half-time!::), it's all I can do to keep my tongue in check. I've run this test to death and still can't quite seem to get all of the bugs out. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

Oh well. Everything's okay. It will all turn out fine. At least, I keep reminding myself that God is faithful and strengthens us. I sure need it now.

Only two more days until camp meeting. I can hardly wait. However, I learned a long time ago that the few days before an "event" are no less important than those at the event. I need to remember to take it slow and not rush. I'll be able to enjoy camp more that way.

I just pray that there are no last minute surprises at the meeting this morning. Those usually mean more work and that's the last thing I need two days before camp!

Btw, you are more than welcome to join us!

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