On “Missing Her”

In the late summer and fall of 2016, I made several grave errors in judgement. My poor response to one person’s cruel mockery cost me dearly, setting in motion a course of events that contributed to the death of my then best friend and future wife (I came to find out well after the fact that she had already settled in her heart that she would accept my proposal when I gave it). The pain and grief have been hard to bear, especially since learning of this. I would have been lost if it weren’t for my faith and several friendships that gave me strength through it.

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May I Be His Love

Certain recent experiences have caused me to realize that a lot of the stress and discomfort that I have felt in my adult life is a direct result of my not recognizing and accepting who I am and how I was designed to interface with the world as an empathic, deeply emotional person. Learning to tap into and channel my emotional energy has uncovered a well-buried pit of pain and sorrow that I had long forgotten is still haunting and driving me throughout my life.

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Of Roses and Violets, and of Hearts and Such….

It’s the most horrible day of the year… (with apologies to Pola and Wyle!)

… well, it is for me, at least. But hopefully not forever. Actually, yesterday went rather well, all things considered. It all comes down to a promise with a little faith. And hope.

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A Letter of Apology


I acknowledge and apologize for various mistakes and failures, as well as the pain and offense that I have caused. They have been the source of unmeasurable grief in the life of my friends and acquaintances. I present this apology to request an opportunity to reconcile with those of you that I have hurt and offended.

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Waiting for…

Be sure to visit my blog regularly for an ongoing revelation of my past and updates on my life (but on-line activity and writing have slowed down a bit at this time of the year, as usual…). I have several series of personal stories in draft at this time but I would like to hear from you if there is anything about which you might like me to write. Is there some specific aspect of my life that you would like me to share? Let me know in the comments!

Hello, World! Redux
, A Whole New World

TL,DR: I’m baaaccccckkkkkkk! 😀

It has been nearly five years since my last blog post, but not really—I have made many posts on various social media platforms over the intervening years. While some of them might rise to the level of an otherwise functional blog post, most of them are mostly missives or rants, or otherwise ephemeral nothings of lesser enduring value. This is going to change. As of now.

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, A Whole New World