An Undivided Heart

The following is a devotional article written by the late Richard S. Taylor, a pastor, theologian and educator in the holiness movement. I found it reprinted in the Fall-Winter 2008 edition of Glad Tidings, the seasonal newsletter of Hollow Rock Holiness Camp Meeting. I commend it to your prayerful consideration.

Ps. 86:11 – “Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name.” (NASB)

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Haiti Medical Relief Mission 2011

Just a little over a year ago, the nation of Haiti suffered a severely devastating earthquake leaving nearly 100,000 people dead and over 1.5 million homeless. In addition to to the immediate loss of life and physical damage, many more are still suffering from diseases such as Cholera in the wake of the corpses still trapped in the rubble, a lack of safe, clean water and generally poor sanitation.

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Yes, Really—Jesus Is Our “Personal” Savior!

A friend of mine recently wrote the following:

How do these things get started? Here are some online definitions of “personal” [edited for brevity; Merriam-Webster may be able to help….] So from where did the term “personal savior” come? Don’t really care, don’t want to research it, just want to eradicate it. “Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior” Really? It waters the slippery slope into isolated faith, a dumbed-down Jesus who is at our beck and call to serve us…after all, He is allegedly our personal savior… End of mini-rant. Comments/observations more-than-welcome…

Well, since you asked….

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Is Facebook Learning Its Lessons?

As many of you may already know, Facebook has recently redesigned its user profile. In the past, Facebook has received considerable grief over what many users felt was a strong-handed and calloused disregard to their opinions in forced, wholesale roll-outs. What is so remarkable about this particular instance is that Facebook is giving its users an opportunity to “opt in” rather than require a mandatory migration. While I am sure that Facebook will eventually require everyone to convert, for now users have a choice and the feedback generated will be invaluable in making additional changes and gauging the right time to force a wholesale roll-out. One can only wonder if this is a sign that Facebook is learning its lesson.

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On Understanding “The Revelation”

As I was meditating on “the revelation of Jesus the Anointed One, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place,” it occurred to me that one reason, if not the primary reason, that we have such a hard time understanding it is that we fail to recognize that it is a recursive, fractal and holographic Fourier transform of spiritual reality into the natural shadow in which we live using scriptural Hebraic idiom and symbolism within Koine Greek. Until we understand this in light of the cultures from which these arise and have fully repented of all known sins so as to not block the revelation of the Spirit as he illumines our understanding to and for the exaltation of Jesus, we can never begin to truly appreciate, let alone comprehend, the depth and riches that God has hidden therein (cf. Proverbs 25:2-5).

Proactive Privacy in the Social Networking Paradigm

I have been asked why I have shared so little information from my profile with those who are not “Facebook/Myspace Friends”, especially since I have recently further restricted what I do share with the general public. I consider this as necessary “Proactive Privacy in the Social Networking Paradigm”. Let me explain.

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Sermon Notes: Three Reasons To Build Memorials

These notes are from a sermon delivered by William E. (“Bill”) Isaacs to the Streetsboro Church of God congregation on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Three Reasons To Build Memorials

To Increase Our Faith—We need to see what God has done.

To Increase the Faith of Others—We need to teach others what God has done.

To Give Us Victory over the Adversary—When the adversary tries to tell us that nothing has happened or will happen, we need to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness.

This is part of the series “Sermon Notes”. These posts are notes from various sermons from which I benefited and feel may be of benefit to a wider audience. They range from several short points in a brief outline to fully transcribed texts. I note the original preacher/teacher to give credit where credit is due and while the text is primarily from the material provided by the preacher/teacher, my own thoughts, comments and/or emendations may be and frequently are included with the principle source of the sermon not being responsible for such. Where possible, links to audio files of the original message may be provided.

Why I Am Fighting Against This Health Care Bill

Mike Huckabee asked the fans of his Facebook page to “share why you are fighting against this health care bill”.

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