This entry is part 15 of 17 in the series Brokenhearted

Dark surrounds me, a dense, dank blanket
The night envelopes, sapping my strength
My soul is oozing out before me
A brackish stream flowing into the nothingness

Heartbreak overwhelms me, a rending, cleaving blade
The wintery chill creeps, freezing my bones
My breath is frosting all about me
A shimmering cloud floating to nowhere

Sorrow overtakes me, a fast, rising tide
The waves come pounding, knocking me back
My stature gives way to the earth beneath me
A trembling surf washing to emptiness

Grief vexes me, a churning, fierce maelstrom
The riptide engulfs, sucking me down
My vision departs in the night around me
A ravenesque shade wending into the expanse


8:00 PM EDT
13 March 2019

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